A Long Time Coming

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I really suck at being consistent with anything. Even so, I’ve been traveling a lot, working a lot, both of those things tied together. I’ve gotten a new job that requires a ton of travel. Next time I say I would like to travel for work, I can look back at this blog and see if I complained the whole time or not.

I do LOVE to travel but get a little homesick being gone so much. Thankfully, it is only for a few months. To make the best of it, I’ve been trying to find good food and stuff to do (other than work!). May as well explore as well as rack up frequent flyer miles!

So, I am working in Marion, AR, which is right next to Memphis, TN. There isn’t much to do in Marion, but I have managed to keep myself busy with activities other than work.

Saturday morning I found a 5k to run.. It was a small, local race. It started about 20 minutes late and wasn’t quite 3.1. Course measured 3 miles but close enough. It was hot and muggy and the course ha little shade but it was nice and flat. I came in at 26:32, 1st in my age group! I was surprised! Small races make me feel fast!

After the race, I showered up and hit the biggest tourist attraction in Memphis, Graceland. I paid the $33 fee that included the tour of the house and grounds. I had to wait an hour before the tour started, so if you go, earlier may be better. I got there about 1:15. I thought the tour was ok. The house is neat but you can’t go upstairs. The trophy room was amazing though! I cannot believe one person received so many awards! I think it’s a little pricey for what you get, but I can say I’ve done it.


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